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 when i am depressed...

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PostSubject: when i am depressed...   Fri May 14, 2010 2:08 pm

When depressed, I experience:
• a loss of enthusiasm for life.

• a lack of energy for self-growth.

• confusion as to what is the meaning of life for me.

• a lack of excitement or appreciation for my accomplishments in life.

• tiredness, and exhaustion.

• an inordinate desire to sleep.

• a flat emotional affect.

• boredom with my life, studies, family, friends.

• a lack of desire to keep on keeping on.

• the desire to run away.

the feeling that I am only an observer of life and not involved in it.
• tearfulness and weeping for no apparent reason.

• loneliness, isolation, a lack of being connected to the others in my life.

• apathy, discontent, and a hollow feeling regarding my day to day existence.
Do you still want to be depress like me?? Please don’t….it is like killing you softly…

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when i am depressed...
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